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Just some stuff on us and our thoughts on raising our Icelandic Sheep.....

"Our Home and Tom"

We moved here from the Milwaukee area in the summer 17 years ago after Tom retired from the Post Office. We had a couple pygmy goats, 2 angora goats and a llama there. When we moved out here, we wanted to get another llama so our llama, Barnaby Jones, would have some company. Tom contacted Priscilla Meinholz at the Wool Farm near Madison. She had a llama and so I went to check him out. Well, Priscilla also had sheep – Icelandics – and since I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted sheep, it was my opportunity. I chose Jessie James, a moorit ram, that followed me around and Hughie (price was right) an Icelandic Romney wether--no llama.

Everything went well for the first year for the boys, but in the second year, Jessie James, started having needs, so we got 2 ewes from Priscilla.

That following spring we had one lamb from each ewe—Snow’s ewe survived and Cinders little guy died of pneumonia (I think it cost us $300 in vet bills and a lot of tears).

"Lambing Barn"

"Entrance to the Farm"

We learn a little more each year both by hands on and from the very helpful ISBONA group through Yahoo.

We are pleased that many of our customers have bought our wethers because they either want sheep for fiber or they just like the breed. Wethers have so few needs and are so much fun. There’s no worry that they are going to “ram” you when you enter the pen. They eagerly come up to you for a handful of grain. Tom and I are not meat eaters—so we have a few more wethers around than other breeders.


Because we want customers who are new to sheep to enjoy them, we are more than willing to share everything we have learned. The most important thing is good fencing. You will need to be ready to do some fencing and if you plan on breeding, you will find that you may need more fencing and gates. (This is one of the reasons I work!)

"Entrance to our Shop"

We have found raising Icelandic Sheep makes our life complete. Thank you for reading this all and then do give us a call!


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